La Consulta, a different terroir

La Consulta is part of our history and that is why we care for the natural resources this village generously provides. The region has a very beneficial day-night temperature range (20 degrees in summer), water from melting of the Andes.

Climate: The area is characterized by warm summer days and cool nights that give its wine great concentration and an excellent violet color. As rainfall is very scarce and sunlight hours are plentiful (with an annual average of 300 days), the vineyards are always healthy; we only perform preventive cures using natural products.

Soil: The surface heterogeneity provides a different flavor profile in each zone. At its deepest part we found a rocky layer that allows for good drainage, and on the surface we found silt loam.

Altitude: Our farms are located at more than 1000 meters above sea level, which means cool nights during the growing season, and even during summer. Dizen 2012